transportation tools for farmer or people who have wet field. By using Wintor, they can harvest the vegetables or fruits without worrying about the surface of their field. Nowadays, Wintor is popular, but this company still needs good promotion. So, they always need event contractor to show their product to many people.

Talking about event contractor, Workshop 88 has become a contractor for Wintor Bali. Workshop 88 has designed elegant event construction for Wintor. So, Wintorevent was very successful, and it attracted so many people. Workshop 88 could finish 2 construction designs for Wintor, which are:

  • 3x3m Area

3×3 meter area of Wintor has simple look, but it will attract so many people to visit it. This area is so good for promoting the product of Wintor. Although it has narrow space, but it can be used for placing LCD television, Wintor poster, 2 white bar stools and 1 small table. With the combination of white and orange color, the area looks interesting, making the salesman and clients comfortable to talk about Wintor and also do transaction.

  • 3×8 m Area

Different from 3×3 meter area, this area looks larger and comfortable. With this large space, there are so many furniture which was placed, such as sofa, 3-4 white stools and 2 small tables, large LCD television, and many more. The decoration looks simple but elegant with white color as the basic and orange color as the accent.

There are so many services offered by Workshop 88. Workshop 88 is the best solution for you who need exhibition contractor, event contractor, or stand contractor. For you who need MICE services, Workshop 88 will also give this service for you. Let’s make your company more shining by using the services from Workshop 88.

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