Last year, Workshop88 were trusted to take parts in Intel Solution Summits 2016. This summit was conducted in May, 2016 at Westin Hotel, Bali. Our team created booths and backdrop for the entrance and hall. We worked our best to create sophisticated and attractive interior design for this event. To help the success of Intel Bali conference, we furnished the venue with various features. Some of them are shelves, ornaments, and interesting lightings.

When your company plans to conduct a summit or conference in Bali, you must hire one of the most experienced Bali MICE services. The best MICE service will surely enable you to have successful event. Organizing a conference, exhibition, or other events can be very complicated. Some of the things that make it complicated is designing the interior design concept and installing the props. However, you don’t need to worry if you hire the best event contractor. Their team will do those jobs excellently. All you need is deciding what to have in your event.

You need to decide what interior design theme you will have at your event. Choosing the right theme is very important. The theme of your event interior design must be hand in hand with the purpose of your event. In addition, you also need to decide what colors to have in your event. If you want to have vibrant atmosphere in your event, you can choose bright and bold color such as red or orange. Meanwhile, for cool and relaxing atmosphere, you can choose green or blue. It is better for you to avoid too much brown or purple in your venue because it can make the participant feel a bit sleepy.

To have a successful conference or exhibition, you must also consider the lighting concept. Sometimes, having neon boxes and spotlights is not enough. You need to consider decorative lightings to make your venue more interesting.

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