In this seventh year, it is the year of the continuity in our company’s business. We organize ourselves continuously so that we can provide better services with more friendly staff who always care to serve our customers well.

We thank you as our customers both domestically and abroad for all the support, who give appreciation towards our relationship and service quality more than just a “War Price” situation. Thank you for our patient customers who have been waiting for us to be a better and mature company. One sentence for all of you: You Are Our Hero.

Aside from that, our management team would like to thank our staff, workers, and suppliers who have been loyal to make a significant contribution to this company, and help us achieve our Vision: Customer Satisfaction. We hope to continue reaping achievements in the future and to make this company a GLORY LEADER Company together.

Special Thanks

We are also grateful for the recommendations from senior colleagues at IECA: PT. ANTHEUS INDONESIA and PT. INDOGLOBAL INTERSARANA who have given us support to be a member of IECA. We wish these companies who have supported us as a young member of the IECA nothing but the best in their businesses. This is like one step forward for our company to be able to get into an established organization in Indonesia in the field of Exhibition Contractor. We hope, as a new member of IECA organization, we can contribute to the success of the agenda inside the organization together with other members of IECA. Within a year ahead, we also hope we can upgrade ourselves to be in a member of the world organization in similar associations.

The Meaning of Number 7

Number Seven (7) for us is perfection and shows an integration. In this 7th year, we are increasingly growing in terms of human resources within our company and the company has more visible organizational structure where a SOP system has been established during our discussion with our business consultants. Once again we are grateful for the support and prayers of all parties, from family and from all parties whose name cannot be mentioned one by one. It is still a long journey for us to MOVE ON to the next level, but we believe with the support and encouragement from all our staffs, we can be better in our work.

We wish you all the success.

We Love You All, God bless You!