Modern era makes activities easier. People always seek for practical and instant ways to get everything done. No wonder third-party services and agencies plays an important role nowadays. It is because they provide services which are needed for their clients to help them with their jobs. This includes event organizers and event contractors. They are used for fulfilling the place needed for handling companies’ events.

A company need to do the promotion continuously. It is to make more people more aware about their products, the values they want to deliver, as well as maintaining relationship with the prospectus customers and loyal customers. One of the ways is through joining or even holding an exhibition event.
The professional crew of the booth contractor will be needed to choose the best booth design as well as building it. There will be a back-and-forth discussion for the design, and once it is decided and everything is fixed, the contractor will construct the booth. Of course, you will also need an event organizer to handle your event, from the sound system, lighting, the permits (especially if it involves crowds and things that need permission from government officials), the rundown, and so on.

If you see in our website, other than providing services for exhibition booth production or trade show booth construction, we also provide some local support / hospitality services. In this case, we help you with some supports when you hold a meeting, conference, gala dinner, and so on. Thus, here we act not only as an trade show or exhibition contractor Bali, but we also provide MICE services.

       1. Event Support

As one of the best stand contractors in Surabaya and Bali, of course we provide furniture rental which will be used to beautify your booth. Other than that, we also provide audio-visual (AV) rental, like LED monitor, TV, LCD, and so on which is usually used as a presentation media or to play a video. Sound and lighting equipment are also available on our warehouse to be used as needed. We have various types of equipment which are rented and can be utilized based on the needs and budget.

       2. Executive charter and accomodation

As we said earlier, other than providing servies for exhibition, we also provide local support to help you with your event and make your life easier. If you need any help in chartering transportation to make your accommodation easier, we can help you arrange that based on your schedule. This is part of our hospitality services which will be explained in the next point.

       3. Hospitality Services

Sometimes in the opening or in a gala dinner, you will need some entertainment to reduce your stress. You can rely on us to find the best talent for you, like bands, MC, dancers, and so on to melt the ice and the tension in the room. In a conference or a big meeting, if you need an usher, a foreigner or a local one, we are ready to help you find the best one.

       4. Team building

Occasionally, you might want to have an ice-breaking activities in the middle of your event, whether it is a meeting or a conference. It is also part of our jobs if you want such activity in your event. Team-building activities will help to release some tension in the room and refresh the participants’ minds from the discussion or whatever activity going on in the venue.

       5. Outing activities

Other than a character-building activity, you might want to do an outing activity instead by traveling to another city or another island. This becomes an incentive for the employees or participants to get to know each other better and to have a stronger bong with each other. After this kind of event, you might want to rest and have some relaxing activities. Our company is also able and ready to help you.


What has been mentioned above are other program of this services that we provide apart from the exhibition services. Some of our clients might hire us as a contractor only, but some of them might require “more” services. As our company starts from being an event organizer and since we have been experienced in delivering these services, we are able to help you arrange your event as needed.