In October 2012, PTT Gasex joined an event at BICC, Bali. PTT Gasex booth looked very outstanding. It was very different from other booths. This exhibition booth has rounded design so that it looked unique and fantastic. This booth design was also modern and futuristic. Therefore, visitors were interested to visit this booth.

This particular booth was created by Workshop88. Our team created this booth from acrylic material and wood construction. To make this booth interesting, we decorate it with stickers, attractive lightings, and some printing materials. The backdrop of this booth had appealing graphic. It was simple but represented the company very well. Other than that, it also had some messages on it. PTT Gasex Bali booth did not only have interesting backdrops. It also had attractive exterior. It showed the offshore works of this company through plasma TV and what PTT Gasex is about. This multinational company was very happy with their booth.

Having an exhibition booth that is excellently designed can give you a lot of advantages. One of them is that it will help you increases your sales. An outstanding booth can attract more attention from the exhibition visitors. Therefore, they will be more intrigued and visit your exhibition booth. Morevoer, through an exhibition, you can promote your products and services effectively so that people will love to try them. As a result, you can have more sales.

If you want to have attractive exhibition booth, you need to call the best booth contractor Bali. This contractor will help you create an eye-catching booth based on your concept. There are many things that can make your booth look unique and interesting. Some of them are graphics, colors, and lightings. In addition, it will also look more attractive if you put some comfortable furniture in it. However, you must be careful in choosing the furniture. Bulky furniture pieces can overcrowd your booth and make it less comfortable for the visitors to move around.

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