The world has already known about Indonesia. They know Indonesia as the owner of the beautiful island, Bali. Many tourists come to Bali with many kinds of purposes. The dominant purpose is of course for traveling. They want get the fresh air and also knowledge about Indonesian culture as well as create a memory about this island. The blue sea will relax their minds from many works that should be finished via computer. The green nature will also fresh their lungs from the city pollution which has become their best friend every day. Some other people might choose Bali for their momentful event, like a wedding party. Meanwhile, some others come to Bali for business events, like MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conference, and Exhibition). So that Bali can be the strategic place for holding the trade show, in the business corner.

MICE Activities in Bali

Every year and week, in Bali, there will be big exhibitions which are done by some giant companies. They have big meetings with a big number of audiences attending. Not to mention, even international conferences and meetings are held in Bali. A lot of people coming from many countries are gathered in the venue. For instance, the conference of ASEAN. ASEAN conference is done every year. Of course, the event organizer wants to do it well because it is a big project with giant audiences. The place should be prepared and decorated in accordance with the theme. By ordering the backdrop and other conference tools and equipment to exhibition stand companies Bali, everything will be settled. You can rent audio visual equipment, furniture, decoration tools, and so on from the exhibition booth contractor Bali.

These MICE activities have a lot of purposes, depending on the theme or what they want to do with the event. However, if it is executed really well, the message they want to deliver to the audience or visitors as well as the target and purpose of the event will be achieved.

Booth Design Company Bali

Booth design is developed based on the needs of the MICE activities. Sometimes, the client might have their own architect or designer who draws the booth in a form of 3D so that the stage where we need to discuss about which booth design will be used can be eliminated. However, some clients might not have the resources. All they know is they want to hold an event, and they want to build a booth where they can promote their products or welcome the customers. Usually, to visualize it better, the stand contractor will provide some 3D designs of the booth, photobooth, stage, wall-of-fame, and so on; then present them to the client.

Some exhibitions might involve presentation. Therefore, audio-visual media will be required to help them present their content. This kind of thing, like presentation tools, properties, and so on should also be applied to the booth design because after all, the design is the benchmark of how much it will cost to build the booth.

Display Booth Design Bali

Display booth design can vary based on your needs. It can be attractive and creative, simple but elegant, luxurious, and so on depending on the demand. Sometimes, some businessmen, companies, or organizations try to incorporate Bali theme for the furniture or decoration they rent for the exhibition event. It is because Bali is rich with cultures, so they want to create and emphasize the ambiance to make the visitors or participants feel the beauty of Bali environment.

Therefore, sometimes the gate will be made so Bali-nish or the ambiance is made a little typical Bali culture without diminishing the theme. The stand design ideas could be inspired from Bali culture, but it does not necessarily mean that your booth or stand should have Bali effects. Display exhibition stand should be made dynamic and utilized for the exhibition. With the right amount of design elements, the booth will be able to meet your needs.

We will not see the best exhibition event except in Bali. It is because the combination of the culture and great technology had already being the best support of holding the trade show in Bali. Of course every trade that we will present in this best island will increase the company prospect.

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