Exhibiting your services in a mall can be a real challenge for some company. Mall is full of interesting product displays. Therefore, you must have attention grabbing exhibition when you do it in the mall. To have this kind of exhibition, you must plan everything carefully. One of the things that must be planned carefully is your exhibition booth.

Having an interesting exhibition booth is a must. The right booth design can make people curious. As a result, they will visit your booth and find out more about your services. With more visitors coming to your exhibition booth, you have higher chance to make sales. That’s why it is important for you to have an appealing exhibition booth if you want to achieve success.

A remarkable booth usually has interesting booth style. These days, exhibitors prefer to have an exhibition booth with fewer partitions. Some booths only have one partition with backdrops. Others have 2 or custom style partitions. This kind of style is popular because it is more environmental friendly. In addition, it allows visitors to access the booth from different directions. To make it more interesting, you must decorate your booth with the right colors, decorations, lighting, and exhibition furniture.

If you plan to exhibit your service, you can call Workshop88. We are an excellent exhibition contractor Bali. We are very experienced in doing this kind of project. One of the projects we did is Sun Heritage Hotel’s booth. This booth was used to exhibit this hotel services in Galaxy Mall, Surabaya. It was made of wood construction and printing materials. Those materials are premium and durable. Therefore, exhibitor can exhibit their services in comfort. To make this booth interesting and functional, it was decorated with lighting, plasma TV, display table, table, and chairs. Sun Heritage’s booth looked elegant and natural because it had greenery décor.

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