Trade shows has been one of many popular ways to boost marketing and branding strategy. It is one of the most effective ways to generate customer leads as opposed to other more passive options such as posters and billboards. One of the biggest reasons is of course because during the trade shows or exhibitions, companies and sales people are able to have two-ways communication and hears out their customers one by one through face-to-face approach.

As part of the marketing and branding strategy, it is important to think about the booth design ideas based on the message you want to deliver to the customer during the trade shows. A stand contractor like our company (workshop 88) would be able to help you with it since companies usually do not have the time to handle anything related to the trade show. Other than that, they do not have the resoures to build their booth or stand. Fortunately, nowadays businesses do not have to deal with the issue anymore as we can just outsource from a booth construction company. Workshop 88 is always ready to help with custom trade show booth ideas and design and custom trade show display.

Menarini is one of our clients who hired us to build their exhibition booth at the OSAP – Inapras Bali 2018. Built with the size of 3 x 6 meters, the remarkable booth is made of high quality materials that include printing materials to complement the decor, sturdy wood construction, incredible lighting that supports the overall design as well as functionality throughout the exhibition. The exhibition was held in BNDCC, Bali on July 19 – 21, 2018. Apart from that, the booth was also equipped with table and seats for prospective customers.

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