Our advanced business varies from low-scale to big-scale production. Our core business is as an exhibition contractor, but with the competitive business environment in MICE industry, we take benefit from our deep knowledge and expertise to develop into 5 business lines.

Stand Contractor / Stand Builder

This is our main business line that becomes our core competency in the MICE industry. We design and build customized stands, booths, stage, backdrop, etc for events as well as exhibitions.

Audio / Visual (AV) Rental

To complement our clients’ needs in supporting the events, we have stocks of audio – visual equipment, such as TV, LED, LCD projectors, etc. which are available for rent.

Sound and Lighting Rental

Our services portfolio also provides a wide selection of sound system and lighting equipment as an augmentation for the booth or stand.

Furniture Rental

We understand that in every event or exhibition, furnitures such as chairs, tables, etc. are essential, either for beautifying the rooms or as part of the events. Therefore, we also supply furnitures rental for the clients.

Local Support / Hospitality Services

Other than being an exhibition contractor or stand builder, we have made available support services for our clients who might need some for their events.

Advertising Services

This business line is related to advertising projects or branding strategy undertaken by client companies.

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