Participating in an exhibition can be very advantageous. To get those advantages, you must have a friendly and unique booth. There are many choices of booth design ideas that you can choose. One of the popular ones is modern booth design. This particular design is minimalist and pretty simple. However, it doesn’t mean that it has less aesthetic value. Modern exhibition booth has an interesting appeal if you know how to decorate it.

When you are decorating the interior of a modern booth, you must remember that it is all about simplicity and being minimalist. Therefore, you need to choose your décor carefully. To decorate your booth, choose one or two unique decoration pieces and place them at an easily spotted area. In addition, you must also consider the number of furniture you have in your booth to keep it minimalist. It is essential for you to only have furniture pieces that you really need. Moreover, the furniture pieces you use to furnish your interior must have contemporary style. If you want to make your booth look more attractive, you can add a touch of greenery in it.

If you have some difficulties in designing your booth interior, you can call a booth contractor Bali. One of the most excellent contractors in Bali is Workshop88. We are very professional and experienced in creating booth interior design. Our team have helped numerous companies conducting their projects. One of the booth designing projects we did is for Vietura.

Vietura’s exhibition booth design featured minimalist and modern style. This booth was almost borderless. It only had two low partitions. And it had no backdrop. The back of the booth featured a small crafted panel. The interior on this booth was only decorated with plants and some furniture pieces. They were a sofa,a table, a cabinet, and a glass shelves.