Most people go to Bali for a refreshment and break from daily routines and for holiday due to the fact that Bali is rich of cultures, nature, as well as tourism places. But for some business people, relax traveling might be their second purpose instead. The main purpose is of course for doing some business work.

Event Contractor Companies Bali

Event contractors are companies who provide services to build booths, stands, stage, gate, tents (for outdoor events), and so on which are needed for your event. For example, a gala dinner will mainly need a stage for the MC to speak and for the entertainment. This will the job of the contractor to create the design of the stage and build it in accordance with the design, including all the decoration like mini garden, flower pots, and many other decorations being used to reinforce the ambiance. Other than that, it will be even better if the entrance door (gate) is decorated. In this case, the contractor is also the one to create the design and build it.

Workshop 88 is one of the many great event contractors Bali who are specialized in the production and construction for various kinds of events. Other than becoming a stand builder, we also provide rents for audio-visual equipment, sound, lighting, furnitures, and others that might be needed for the event. Using the example in the previous paragraph, in the stage, we might need a LED monitor as the multimedia for presenting, playing promotion video, playing video for the entertainment, and so on. This will also be provided by us, the event contractor. Then, all the lightings and sound system used for the events will also be provided as needed.

Custom Stand Contractor Bali and MICE Services

MICE is the abbreviation of Meeting, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. Each of those exhibition has the meaning and it is important to be understood well.

     1. Meetings

It is the kind of business gathering activity that will be done frequently with many purposes: to get a new strategy in doing business, to present annual report, to discuss the progress report, to discuss about financial planning, and many more. A small scale meeting which is held in a meeting room or a hall might not need a contractor like us since they only need multimedia equipment. A medium and big scale meeting where there are hundreds of participants are usually held in a hotel. They will need at least a backdrop and a small stage as well as some decoration for the event.  As the vendor, we will build all of those and provide the service for you. Sometimes, suck kind of meeting will be followed by a gala dinner in the evening. Depending on the request, if the gala dinner is held at another different venue, then we will also need to produce a new stage and decoration.

     2. Incentives

This is a programme managed by companies or organizations to appreciate their employees, motivate sense-of-belonging, and stregthening the bonds with co-workers and among employees. It is usually in a form of traveling to another city or island. That way, they can have some break from boredom and routines. It can take 1 – 3 days, depending on the number of participants and the thread of events being held. Sometimes, it is also followed by character-building but fun activities that require cooperation and tolerance among participants.

     3. Conferences

This type of event is kind of similar to meeting events. The difference between meeting and conference is the size of the room being used and also the number of audience who join the event. Conferences have much more larger scale. It can be a national scale or an international scale. Thus, the decoration is even more complicated.

     4. Exhibition

There are many kinds of exhibition: electronic exhibition, gadget exhibition, automotive expo, wedding fair, travel fair, and many more. Mostly, in this kind of event, display exhibition stand will be needed. These booths will have special purposes, depending on what you want to do with the booth. They might want to display your products while having little presentation media or without any presentation media but you want to have an advertisement on a TV. In another case, sometimes they might want to show-off their production process by having a machine miniature put on your booth or a showcase. It depends on how they want to utilize the booth or stand. This will all be provided by your booth contractor company. In most of the cases, clients will ask for custom design booth because they do not want it to be just like the general or usual booth or stand.


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