Conmed joined the 5th Biennial Asia Arthroscopy Congress (IOSSMA) in BNDCC, Nusa Dua, Bali. In this event, Conmed hired us, Workshop 88 team, to build its booth. Proudly, we help our client who runs its business in medical industry and help its business to grow to the next level.

Conmed’s booth had a simple but smart design. It looked modern but minimalist. Though it was minimalist and simple, it looked interesting for several reasons. One of them is that it had exclusive shades. They were very eye-catching and many attendees were interested to it. This organization was very happy with the booth we created. They also loved the quality of the booth.

If you are working in medical industries and plan to participate in a medical exhibition in Bali, and you would like to have an outstanding booth or stand, you can consult with our team. What is good for other participants may not be suitable for you. That’s why you need to make sure that your exhibition booth is suitable for your exhibition purposes.

Before you hire an exhibition vendor or exhibition contractor, you need to decide the message you want to deliver in your exhibition. If you want to make the visitor of the exhibition more aware of your brand, you could have eye-catching neon boxes, printings, and informative brochures on your booth. Apart from that, if you want to make the visitors know about behind-the-scene process of manufacturing your products, you can show videos or slides through LCD display. Medical products exhibition booth is different from other exhibition booths. Therefore, you need to hire a contractor that has experience in creating health and medical exhibition booth. That way you will get high quality and suitable booth.