Exhibiting your products or services in a mall can be more challenging than exhibiting your product in a conventional exhibition. However, it won’t be a problem if you hire the right exhibition contractor Bali. There are many exhibition contractors that you can find in this beautiful island. However, not all of them can give you excellent result and successful exhibition.

One of the best exhibition contractors in Bali is Workshop88.  We have been in the business for years. And we have had many experiences in creating exhibition booth for various events and venues. Some of our clients are local organization and companies. Others are international organizations.

One of our clients is Marie France. In September, 2011, this beauty and aesthetic clinic had a road show exhibition. Marie France conducted this event in several cities. And one of them is in Bali. It was held at Discovery Mall Bali, and our team had the honor of creating the booth for Marie France road show in Bali.

This booth was made of printing materials, wood construction, lighting, and 10cm-level flooring covered with carpet. The design of this exhibition booth was unique and interesting. It didn’t have any partitions. Therefore, visitors can access it from every direction. This booth was also equipped with neon boxes and exhibition furniture. The furniture pieces used in this booth were well-picked so that they didn’t over crowd the 3-by-4 exhibition booth.

If you are planning to have an exhibition in a mall, a unique booth design will attract a lot of visitors, because if you do, people will notice it easily. In addition, your booth design must also be able to make them more curious about your product. Therefore, people will want to visit your booth. Your booth should not only be unique and attention grabbing. It should be roomy and comfortable as well. As a result, visitors will feel more at ease when visiting your booth.