In an exhibition, a fair, or a tradeshow which are usually joined by companies, corporations, or organizations, booth is one of the most crucial things since it is used as a representative of corporate identity. To attract visitors so that they will come to the stand, there are some things that you could use as a trick:

       1. The shape of the booth

You might want to play only from the shape of the booth itself. The more unique a booth is, the more interested visitors to come to your booth to have a look

       2. The graphic design or wallpaper

Sometimes you might want to use graphic instead, like wallpaper or digital printing to save your budget, but still make your booth look elegant or attractive depending on the theme and design of the booth

       3. Games

Most of the time, when there are activities in your booth, especially those that actively involve them, visitors will be interested to come to your booth and take parts.

       4. Showcase

You can use this if you have the facility to run a machine to show how you produce your products or equipment that will help you show-off how to produce your product on your booth.

       5. Lights

Most of the time, you might want to play with lamps and lights to brighten your booth. Other than not making your booth look dark, the benefits of using many lamps on your booth is that you can attract visitors to visit your booth and have a look. You can put your products on display on certain places that you have provided, then you can put some lamps on it so that they will catch the visitors’ attention and curiousity even from afar, so that they will come to your booth to have a look.

Especially in a modern era like now, booth display ideas have developed not only from using high quality materials, but the design is made more modern and attractive as well. Not a lot of people understand the benefits of using LEDs. The following is an explanation of the use of LEDs based on the advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of Using LED on Your Exhibition Booth

       1. More energy-efficient

Usually exhibitions are conducted indoor, so the lighting might not be optimal especially if we only depend on the lamps from the venue. So, one way to catch people’s eyes is through adequate lighting. Using a lot of lamps with high power consumes too much electricity energy. However, by using LEDs, you can get enough light without any fear of consuming a lot of electrical energy.

       2. Higher durability

The durability of LED lights is better than the lights in general, so it can be used many times in the long term. If you hire an exhibition contractor, you can ask them to use LED lights on your stand, and they will help you.

       3. Not much heat is produced

Many exhibition booth contractors Bali use LED lights to illuminate the booth because the lamp is very bright, but it doesn’t generate heat too much. By not producing much heat means that even if the size of the lamp is large, LED will not make the room hot.

       4. The brightness is the same as the light bulbs

The brightness of a LED is the same as a light bulb, making it even more favorable than using other types of lamps because it even offers higher quality.

       5. Free of ultra violet

You do not need to worry about the health of your eyes because LED lights are not harmful for the eyes. Although the booth looks very bright, your eyes will not get hurt by the brightness and radiation.

       6. Available in various colors

It depends on your theme. Sometimes, you might want to use white lamps. For example, your theme is technology. Then, if this is the case, sometimes you might want to use blue lights to amplify the feeling of the ambiance on your display booth. The LED lights with blue color might make the booth look more elegant and futuristic.


From some of the explanation above, we can make a conclusion that the use of LEDs in exhibition display booth will make the booth look better and more interesting. Of course, it is not enough by relying on LEDs only. LED lights are only additional tools. To make your booth more elegant, the display booth designs should also reinforce your stand. You might need to combine some of the tricks mentioned above to make your booth more attractive for visitors to catch their attention.

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