There are many choices of booth design that can be chosen by exhibition participants. One of them is open plan exhibition booth. This particular stand is different from conventional booth. If the conventional ones have three partitions, the open plan ones usually only have two or even only one partition. This particular stand is perfect for exhibition participants whose booth located in the corner. Therefore, visitors can access it from the front entrance and side entrance.

Kelly chose this particular booth design for an event in Gramedia Expo in 2013. This HR agency’s booth was made by Workshop88. This 3-by-3 booth was made of wood construction in white and green painting. In addition, it was decorated with printing materials and interesting spotlight lamp. The decoration of this exhibition stand was very interesting, yet pretty simple. This booth was also equipped with some furniture pieces.

If you want to organize an expo in Bali, the best booth contractor Bali will be ready to help you with everything you need. The best one will provide you with interesting booth units made of excellent quality materials. Having booth units that have noticeable design can make your exhibition more successful.

Booth design ideas are available in various choices. Having a mixture of booth design ideas can make your exhibition look more attractive. To make them look more unique, the booths must have the right decoration. Booth decoration consists of several matters. One of them is color. Each booth unit must have personalized color so that it looks different from others. It is better if the color is similar to the colors on the logo of the organization.

Booth decoration can make exhibition stand more eye-catching. However, too much booth details can make it look less spacious. That’s why it is important for you to decorate the booth properly. In addition, you must light the booth appropriately so that it looks livelier.

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