Kalla Toyota regularly conducts a special event to celebrate its anniversary. Last 2012, Kalla Toyota had its 5th anniversary conducted in Hard Rock Café Bali. This event was held on February 12 in that year. The motto of this event was ‘Let’s Brake the Limit’. The participants could read this motto clearly before entering the venue. It is because the motto was printed on the opening gate.

Kalla Toyota ordered the opening gate from Workshop88. This company trusted our team to create this gate. It is made of a combination of wood material, styrofoam, and fin spray printing. This gate looked very bold and eye-catching. One of the things that made it attractive was the shape itself. It was mainly painted in red and black. And it was decorated with bright yellow stars.

When you are having a corporate event in Bali and you want to have eye-catching opening gate, make sure to hire a top event corporate Bali. Having a brilliant opening gate can make a lot of difference in your event. This will make your event participants interested in finding out what’s inside. But of course the most important thing is that an interesting gate can also help them to get a glimpse of what the event is about.

But, for creating an attention grabbing opening gate, you must choose the right design for it. What looks great at Kalla Toyota anniversary may not be suitable for your event. Your opening gate needs to have matching colors with your theme of event. Moreover, its shape must be extraordinary. To make it more interesting, the opening gate could also be decorated with attractive ornaments.

The event contractor will offer you with some opening gate designs to choose. Some of the things you need to consider are the size of the gate, the style, and the materials.

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