Having a unique display stand in a store can attract customers’ attention. It can make customers come closer and find out more about your products. Then, when they learn more about your products, you have more possibility to sell your products. As a result, you can increase your sales.

Kansai Paint Bali wanted to have more sales on its latest product. Therefore, they ordered a display stand to be displayed in a construction warehouse. Workshop88 created 3m x 6m booth to display their anti-mosquito paint. We made this booth in early 2016. This booth had an interesting backdrop. In addition, it had colorful pop-up displays hung on the backdrop. Of course, it had cans of paint arranged attractively on its booth.

If you want to have attractive stores display stand in Bali, you must hire a stand contractor Bali. It is more convenient and practical to do so. A contractor has an experienced team that has the ability to create interesting display stand. Hiring a contractor will save your time and energy. Therefore, you can focus on other more important matters.

A stand contractor will provide you some stand design ideas for you to choose. In choosing the stand display design, you must consider several things. One of them is the type of your products. Certain products will look great displayed with pop-up display. You also need to think about your budget. Some display stands are expensive because of their materials, size, and design quality.

To have interesting display stand, you should have eye-catching backdrop with bold image. This image must have strong relation with your products. In addition, the stand display backdrop should have the right color. Having a combination of similar colors with your product will be your best option.

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