In 2016, Nuclear Asia Exhibition was conducted in Jakarta. This exhibition was attended by many professionals from various countries, and Workshop88 was happy to help the exhibitors in exhibiting their companies, services, or products.

Workshop88 is a top exhibition contractor in Surabaya, Jakarta, and Bali. Our team is very excellent in event production. We are capable of creating various props for exhibition and other corporate events. And we had numerous local and international clients.

If you are planning to join an exhibition, you can contact us to get the right booth design. We can show you some portfolios of our previous projects, and you can choose one of them. We will customize the booth design so that it meets your exhibiting needs.

Booth designs that look very interesting might not be suitable for you. That’s why you must choose your booth with consideration. Make sure you choose the right booth design that looks stand out among others exhibitors’.

To make your booth looks outstanding, you must decorate your booth with arresting graphic, because people usually pass by quickly in an exhibition. Decorating your booth with a single image that is eye-catching can attract people’s attention. Then, they will be curious and interested to visit your booth. You can also combine this attractive graphic with interesting message. Keep the message simple and short but remarkable.

In addition, you also need consider the color of your decoration. Certain colors can create energetic atmosphere, while other colors can make your booth look more subdued. Choose the right color that can create the right atmosphere. In addition, the color must also match the color of your company’s icon or logo. In order to make your booth look interesting, it is important for you to choose the best lighting idea and make the booth look cozy.

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