Bali is not only a famous holiday destination. It is also a great place to conduct conferences, seminars, and other corporate events. There are many hotels and resorts in this island. Therefore, companies and organizations can find great venues easily for their special events. One of the annual corporate events that was held in this island is the 4th Annual LNG Transport, Handling, and Storage in 2014.

This event was conducted in the Stones Hotel, Bali from 20th to 21st of May, 2014. Workshop88 was trusted by the event organizer to create the booth for this occasion. Our team created booth units in 3m x3m size. Those booths looked simple and comfortable. They are made of wooden plywood material and PVC printings. They were furnished with decorations and exhibition furniture.

To have a successful corporate event in Bali, you need to hire the finest booth contractor Bali. The most excellent booth contractor can help you have the right booth for your exhibition. Having a smart and appealing stand or booth is also very important. Your booth will be the first thing that was noticed by the visitors of the event. If you have an appealing booth, you can attract more visitors to your booth.

There are many things that can make your booth look more attractive. One of them is pop-up display. Instead of having ordinary print-out display, you can choose pop-up display. This particular display is eye-catching and noticeable. Another thing you need to have in your booth is spotlight and decorative lighting. The right lighting design can spark the beauty of your booth. Therefore, you must not only have functional lighting but also have decorative lighting.

Your booth must be striking and comfortable at the same time. Your exhibition furniture plays an important role in creating comfort in your booth. Therefore, you need to choose pieces of comfortable furniture to have.  In arranging the furniture, you need to make sure that the visitors of your booth can move around the booth comfortably.

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