Having an exhibition in a mall can be an excellent way to promote your business. This is because many people love to go to mall. Thus, your exhibition booth can have more visitors. Exhibiting your business at the mall is slightly different from doing it at other venues. A mall is full of interesting goods. That’s why you need to make your booth eye-catching to attract visitors.

Jimbaran View was having an exhibition in Galaxy Mall Surabaya from 31st of January to 6th of February, 2011. This hotel marketed their business to attract more customers from Surabaya. Therefore, it exhibited its services at this mall. Jimbaran View exhibition booth looked very interesting with Balinese atmosphere. Workshop88 had the privilege to build their booth. It was made of wood and equipped with printing materials, exhibition furniture, lighting, and plasma TV. The interior of this exhibition booth had some attractive decorations. As a result, it could attract more attention.

If you are planning to exhibit your business in a mall in Bali, you must call an experienced Bali exhibition contractor. Asking the assistance of an experienced contractor can help you gain success. The contractor will know what to do to create striking exhibition booth in a mall. All you need to do is choosing the design or concept of your booth.

To attract visitors, you must choose a unique design for your exhibition booth. The design, color, and display must be attention grabbing and capable of making people want to know more about your products. There are some booth designs that you can choose to get an attention grabbing booth. The contractor will provide you with some ideas to choose.

Aside from choosing the most attractive design, you could also consider the comfort of your booth. A comfortable exhibition booth is very welcoming. To create a comfortable booth, you need to have the right exhibition furniture and make your booth looks roomy.

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