Mobile World Congress 2016 was held in Westin Hotel, Bali. This large event was contributed by world class companies. One of them is Immucor. This company works in medical industry. It offers various high-tech products to help patients have better life. Immucor’s Bali stand at this event was created by Workshop88. Our team made luxurious and ultra modern stand to match the characters of this company.

The size of Immucor stand is 3m x 6m. It was equipped with printing publications, display, exhibition furniture, and other decorations. This exhibition booth was not large. However, it didn’t have cramped looks. The advanced products from Immucor were displayed neatly and attractively.

If you want to have ultra modern and luxurious exhibition booth at your next exhibition in Bali, you must consult it with a top Bali booth contractor. Of course, Workshop 88 is one of those many options. However, the contractor alone will not be able to create outstanding exhibition stand. You need to communicate what kind of booth you want to the contractor. Therefore, their team will be able to create an interesting stand that meets your need.

In order to have an outstanding exhibition stand, you must consider several things. One of them is theme. Your theme must be unique and capable of sparking curiosity. That way, visitors will be interested to stop by at your booth. Another thing you need to consider is the way you display your products and publications. The publications and products must be displayed neatly and attractively. As a result, visitors can get your messages easily and clearly.

The size of a booth usually is not very large. Therefore, you need to consider the size and number of furniture pieces for your booth. Your exhibition furniture must be compact. Its design must be minimalist and simple so that your stand looks more spacious. In addition, you need to avoid having too many furniture pieces. Too many of them can make your stand looks overcrowded.

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