Microsoft had a campaign road show several years ago. This road show was conducted in three cities in Indonesia: Surabaya, Batam, Bali. The theme of the road show was different in each city. The road show was about Media Gathering: Citizen Service Platform. The event was held in 16th of October, 2008 in Conrad Hotel, Bali.

One of the decoration items used is backdrops. The backdrops were placed in several locations: at the entrance and the stage. The Microsoft backdrops for this event were created by Workshop88. The backdrops design that our team created is pretty simple. It only had two or three color combination. In addition, it had minimalist graphic and basic information. These backdrops were made of printing materials and wood construction.

If you organize a seminar, workshop, or other corporate event in Bali, you could outsource the service from an event contractor Bali. This contractor can help you organize your event so that you will have fewer matters to handle. They can create many props for your corporate event. Some of them are backdrops, booth, stands, and other decors. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the decoration of your venue.

To make your venue looks more appealing, you must choose the right interior decoration. There are many choices of interior design ideas that look great. But, choose them with consideration. One of the things that you must consider is the theme of your event. As an alternative, you can choose a design that shows the best character or represents your company or organization or product. In addition, the backdrops and other decorations must be in the right color. The color must match the color of your logo, the theme of your event, or the characters of the general participants.

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