An event will not be lively and amazing without a stunning décor. Decoration plays an important role in any events. It does not only offer aesthetic appeal in your venue. However, it also creates the right atmosphere into the location of the event. Décor in bold and bright color can create more energetic atmosphere into the room. Meanwhile, softer and more delicate color can make the event look more elegant. Therefore, you must choose the right decoration color for your venue. Having the wrong decoration color can ruin your event.

There are several things that you must think about when you are choosing the color of your event decoration. One of them is the type of your event. If you are conducting a music fest or other events that deal with young people, you better choose bold color décor such as, red and orange. This kind of color may be too bold for conferences or other corporate events. Some decoration color alternatives for formal corporate events are blue and green. If you think that those colors are somehow boring, you can combine it a touch of bold color. When you are choosing a color decoration, you must also consider the colors of the logo or symbol of the company. Your venue will oozes strong characters if you use the combination of the logo colors on your venue décor.

If you are not sure on which decoration color to choose, you can consult it with a top event contractor Bali. A top contractor will help you choose the right color and decorate your event venue attractively. Workshop88 is just one of the many top event contractors in Bali. We will gladly help you in decorating your event or make some backdrops to decorate your event venue. We are an expert in the industry and have helped decorating events. One of them is Sampoerna’s Event Commercial Conference 2016. It was conducted in BNDCC, Bali in the end of October, 2016.

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