Briefing and Discussion

In order that personal service and attention can be given to the clients, we start our work with discussion regarding their needs and requests.

Design and Development

The clients picture our work visually both in 3D and graphic design of their booths, stands, stage, etc. with adjustments towards the function and needs from the clients.

Dealing and Down Payment

After the design has been resolved, calculations of the service charge and production cost is carried out and proposed to the client companies until both parties agree.


Our talented workers will work on the production from the cutting process until the finishing process, where quality control is undergone at the end to ensure that the production is made in accordance with the clients’ needs.


Our team will handle the logistics of the production from our workshop to the venue where the quality of the production is preserved to prevent any damage.


In this stage, our team install and build the parts until everything is settled based on the design and according to the clients’ needs.


When the event ends, our workers dismantle all the parts which have been used to build the booths, stands, stage, and etc.

Packaging and Warehousing

All the parts and equipment which can be re-used are wrapped, packed, and stored to the warehouse in our workshop.

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