Workshop88 is an excellent event contractor Bali. We had numerous experiences in creating booth, backdrops, and other projects related to event production. We are a trusted and reliable company. Our office is not only located in Bali. We also have an office in Surabaya. And we have helped various projects in Bali, Surabaya, and Jakarta. You do not need to worry about the quality of the projects we do. We are very dedicated in doing our projects. You can see it from the number of clients who have used our service. We have helped multinational clients and local clients conducting their events.

One of our regular clients is MMK. We have helped them doing their projects since 2012. The first project that we did was Sampoerna Matrix 2012. This event was held in the end of October, 2012. It took place in BNDCC, Bali. Since then, this company has used our service for several projects. They ask for our assistance several times because they are satisfied with the result of our previous projects. We have delivered high quality event properties for their projects. In addition, those properties are well designed so that the events looked stunning and unique. Moreover, we also did some event decoration projects for them. Therefore, they did not need to deal with too many things for organizing their events.

When you are planning to conduct a corporate event in this Island, you must make sure that the venue is decorated attractively and uniquely. Bali is full of beautiful landscapes. Therefore, you must be able to make the participants of your event more focused on the event that is currently going on. You must distract them from all those tourist attractions and landscapes with attention grabbing booth design, backdrops, and decoration. In choosing design idea for your project, you must not forget to consider the theme of your event. Those two things must go hand-in-hand so that the participants get the right atmosphere of the event.

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