Workshop 88 would like to introduce you to the character of our company, TOM THE CONTRACTOR, which is the corporate identity of our company as well as our brand ambassador who can represent us.

In a glimpse, TOM has a deep yellow skin, fitted with a yellow construction hat with PT CPI’s logo on it, and wears a vest uniform with our corporate’s branding. With this character, we hope we can show the business we are doing now, which is in the field of exhibition contractor services as well as interior contractor.

TOM is displayed in full body position from head to toe, with safety shoes that are commonly used in the project field. Other than that, TOM also brings equipment that are usually used in construction site.

We hope by launching this character, it becomes a way for Workshop 88 to get our customer closer to TOM. We also hope that TOM’s hospitality smile can show our enthusiasm in serving your needs well to help you build your business in the next stage.

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