Food exhibition is a great attraction. Many people love to visit this kind of exhibition because they want to try the new cuisine. If you have a business in the food industry, you must participate in this type of exhibition when you have the chance to join it. Participating in this exhibition will give you a lot of benefits. Some of them are increasing sales and brand awareness.

Green Field Bali knows the importance of exhibiting their products. That’s why they actively participate in exhibitions. One among many exhibitions that was participated by this company is Food and Hotel Exhibition at BNDCC, Bali. This event was conducted on March 6th to 8th, 2014. When they participated in this event, Green Field had an exhibition booth that was created by our team, Workshop88.

Green Field’s booth was quite large. The size was 3m x 6m. Since it was used for exhibiting food products, the booth is slightly different from common exhibition booth. One of the materials used for creating it was wood construction with duco finishing. Inside the booth, there are some features, such as spotlight and racks made of stainless steel. This booth is also equipped with printing publications.

If you decide to join a food exhibition, make sure your booth allow you to display your food products attractively. Therefore, you need well designed display racks. Other than that, you must consider having an LCD TV in your booth. With this LCD display, you can show the process of making your product. Therefore, visitors know that you follow high standard in creating the products. You also need to have interesting neon box and printing publications to make your visitors more aware of your brand. In other words, visualization is the key in food exhibition. In order to get the right booth for your food exhibition, make sure you hire the best booth contractor.

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