Collega was invited to participate in BPD Update Event 2016 in Bali. As an IT solution company, in the event that was conducted on24 – 25 October, 2016,Collega offers banking solution. To make the visitors of this event aware of how well Collega in providing IT solutions, this company needed to have smart and ultra-modern booth. This is where Workshop 88 took part as the contractor for theirexhibition booth.

As a dedicated exhibition contractor and booth contractorBali, our team understood Collega’s needs in this exhibition. We designed futuristic and smart booth to show the quality and characters of this company. The size of the booth for this event was 3m x 4m. It hadadditional functional features. Some of them are enormous plasma TVs and three stand display units. Those units were equipped with advanced laptops that were used as a media to communicate information and publication to visitors.

When you participate in an exhibition, it is essential for you to have a well-designed booth. Your booth is not only a place to connect with visitors or customers. It is also a way to show the vision and mission of your company, the characters of your company, and how well your company is. Therefore, it is important for you to have a booth with excellent design and features.

In creating the best exhibition booth, it is essential to think about how you want to interact with the visitors of the exhibition. If you want them to enjoy your latest IT solutions, you must have similar booth feature. Having some stand display units with PCs on them can give better experience to your visitors. In addition, you must also think about the comfort of your booth. Visitors will surely be able to understand your message well if they get the information in a comfortable environment.

To create a well-designed and comfortable booth, you need help from the best booth contractor Bali. And we are the best. You can order comfortable and high quality booth that is designed to meet your exhibition needs.

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