Increasing more awareness on what your company’s works can be done in several ways. One of them is by having an exhibition. You can perform this exhibition at a place that has a lot of visitors in it. However, you must make sure that the venue you choose is perfect for your company. If your company’s works are related to nature, a beach can be a perfect venue of your exhibition.

WWF is one of organizations that ever conducted an exhibition on the beach. This exhibition was held on 9th of June 2012. The event was called ‘Save our Sea’. It was conducted in Jimbaran, Bali. Having an exhibition in a popular beach on holiday season had helped them gain success. Thanks to this exhibition, holiday makers were more aware of the importance the sea and its creatures. This awareness, of course, gave a lot of supports for this organization.

To exhibit this WWF Bali program, this organization used an exhibition tent. This tent was made by Workshop88. Our team created the tent from high quality and strong materials so that the sea wind could not ruin it. This tent was decorated with carpet, printing materials, a plasma TV, and some furniture pieces.

If you want to have outdoor exhibition in Bali, you can give us a call. Workshop88 is an experienced exhibition contractor Bali. We have been in the business since 2008, and we have numerous experiences in producing events.

When you are conducting an outdoor exhibition, you need to plan it more carefully. Having an exhibition tent is almost a must because the weather can be very unpredictable. In addition, you must consider waterproof display in order that rain cannot damage them. Moreover, you must also consider the lighting of your tent. Functional and decorative lighting will make your exhibition tent look more attractive and comfortable.

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