MICE activities and events in Bali has been developing recently. This is because of the needs to engange customers through exhibitions or maintain relationship with the suppliers and stakeholders through meetings or conferences. Moreover, Bali has its advantage as our tourism destination target from all over the world. Thus, foreign companies as well as local companies who would like to hold an event in Indonesia, they will choose Bali as their first choice of target place.

With this globalization era, advanced technology has been developing as well. The sophisticated technology creates the dynamic function of the exhibition companies. When companies or organizations exhibit their products or services, they often utilize that moment for marketing and branding as well. So, you might want to step-up the booth design by creating letters for your company’s name or logo. You might want to make it emboss so that it is more eye-catching and attention grabbing.

Of course if we want to achieve great results, high quality materials need to be used. There are some materials that you can consider to use for the letters. Each of this material has its own advantages and disadvantages of course.

1. Styrofoam

This type of material is the most generally used because among all materials, styrofoam is the cheapest material. With the laser technology, we can make letters based on the font that you use for your company’s logo or name. We can even make a statue from styrofoam to beautify the decoration of your booth. However, of course, as we know, styrofoam is the most fragile material. It is easily broken and crushed. Therefore, it needs to be carefully taken care.

2. MDF

It is the abbreviation of Medium Density Fiberboard. The form of this material is like the wood powder. MDF can be used as materials for letters. With the laser technique, this kind of material can be shaped into anything, depending on your design, such as puzzle, hexagonal, and so on.

3. Duco

Duco is some type of paint which are used on plywood. This material is usually used as finishing material for furnitures. The purpose is to make the wood fiber will not appear, so that the wood furniture will look smooth and glossy. With the laser equipment for cutting plywood, the letters of your company can use this type of paint as the finishing.

4. Acrylic

It is the kind of synthetic material that is transparent. Actually, we usually use it for decorating the booth or stand. The good thing about acrylic is that it is available in many colors. Meanwhile, styrofoam and MDF will need to be painted after the laser process is done. This kind of material makes your letter look glossy. Sometimes if we want to make it glowing, we put LED lamps behind the acrylic.

These embossed letters will make your booth design more elegant. The booth display will be more attractive with the letters being installed on your booth. People will recognize your booth from afar, and it is good for your branding strategy.

If you want to make these kind of letters or if you want to use these types of material for you booth, give us a call. We, as the booth or stand contractor will be ready to help you with it.

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