When it comes to exhibiting your products, you need to make sure that your exhibition booth look wonderful. These days, exhibitors love to choose eco friendly booth design idea. This kind of booth has fewer materials so that there will be less trash. In addition, it is usually decorated with greenery. Placing a potted plant in the corner can make an exhibition booth fresher and more attractive.

If you are planning to join an exhibition, you can consider this eco friendly booth. With this booth, you can display your product and save the environment at the same time. This particular booth may have fewer materials. However, it doesn’t mean that your booth will be less attractive. With the right combination of colors, unique decoration or backdrop, and comfy furniture pieces, you can get the best exhibition booth you are looking for.

Your eco friendly boothwill not be perfect without some plants. However, you need to be careful in choosing the plant that you are going to use as decoration. Certain plants require a lot of sunshine. Others can live well with less sunshine. For indoor exhibition, you must choose plants that need less sun. To have it stay green, you must not forget to water it. To make your booth look more attractive, you can add more natural décor in it.

To create this attractive and eco friendly booth, you must call the best booth contractor Bali. Workshop88 is one of the best in the island. We are experienced in designing and creating this type of booth. One of our eco friendly booth designs was created for Tauzia.

This booth only had a partition which also worked as a backdrop. The backdrop featured several images that show Tauzia’s works. This exhibition booth is furnished with greenery décor, comfortable ottomans, round tables, and a cabinet. The combination of green, white, and orange made this booth look striking.