It’s obvious that there are many retailers in Indonesia, but what do many retailers have in common? A gondola. This freestanding fixtures are used by retailers everywhere to display products and merchandise – consisting of flat bases with vertical components which are typically equipped with pegboards, slatwalls, and notches. The vertical piece of gondola are equipped with hooks, shelves and other display components. Gondola can be placed side to side to form rows of shelves to fit more products or merchandise, or used as a stand-alone which is typically used for a special-themed display.

Bostik,as one of the most well-known retailers in Indonesia, put a lot attention to details such as their gondola – not only its quality, but also its design. The quality can be determined by the materials used to build the stand, whereas the design must adhere to the brand’s preference or theme. For Bostik, this issue can be a bit challenging. The brand is well known for its glass tile mortar and smart adhesive products for commercial and residential uses – from floors, countertops, and walls whether it be exterior or interior. However, since Workshop 88 has been experienced in creating display stand, we managed to design a suitable and aesthetic looking gondola. With the size2,5 meters x 2 meters, the gondola may seem simple at a glance, but its simplicity does not necessarily mean it does not have an oomph factor because we used high quality yet sturdy plastic materials and plywood with duco finishing, completed with modern looking letter box atop the gondola. The material is molded for the shelving, composed, beamed and then laminated which ensures its durability and capability to withstand even the heaviest load. Although the overall gondola looks incredibly neat, the highlight to this gondola rack is definitely the neon box sitting atop the gondola with the brand’s logo on it.