A booth design plays an important role in any exhibition. It should aesthetically be appealing to the visitors who visit the venue with outstanding elements that represent your brand and the value that you would like to deliver on your maketing campaign. For example, when you plan to introduce a new product launching in your exhibition, and you have rented a ballroom or venue for this event, the showcase of the new product should more engaging than the other booths inside the venue.

However, there are several other things that are also important to be taken into consideration. It is none other than the rules and regulations established by the event venue. One of the most important things that become the first priority is the safety of the exhibition. That means the layout and the design of the exhibition booth should take into consideration the safety of the visitors. First of all, the evacuation route should not be blocked with the backdrop. There should be at least a track where people can walk to the evacuation door. Then, some fore extinguishers should also be prepared inside the venue to prevent if there is any burn. Other than that, there should not be furnitures or booths which are too sharp that can hurt people. Next, every electrical and cabling should be covered with something that is not made of conductor materials. During the construction of the booth, the work safety should also be prioritized.

A professional exhibition contractor Bali will surely know all these regulations. You just need to rest easy and maybe do some reminders, then everything should be fine and under control. As one of the beststand contractors in Bali, we have experienced dealing with these rules and regulations that we need to comply when we do the booth construction on the event venue. One of the many events that we always help annualy is Sampoerna’sCommercial Conference. In 2017, we became their contractor for building the exhibition booth. It was conducted in BNDCC, Bali in the end of October, 2017.