In this tumultous and extremely fluctuative economic condition, many businesses attempt to adapt to the challenges they face in this trying time. Any platform that can be used to give their businesses an exposure and opportunity to widen their reach as well as customer base is worth to try. Typically incorporated into many marketing efforts, trade shows may not be as popular back in the day. But, these days many businesses seem to shift towards it – considering it is one of the most effective ways to generate customer leads as opposed to other more passive options such as posters and banners.

However, for businesses that take part in various trade shows on a regular basis, one of the questions these businesses often encounter is undoubtedly the details related to it – the booth design ideas and event booth contractor to be used. Often this is the reason why many businesses put off taking part in trade shows. They simply do not have the time to handle anything related to the trade show. Other than that, they do not have the resoures to build their booth or stand. Fortunately, nowadays businesses do not have to deal with the issue anymore as we can just outsource from a booth construction company. Workshop 88 is always ready to help business owners every step of the way with custom trade show booth and custom trade show display. Citadines Bali, for instance, hired us to create their custom booth. Built with the size of 3 x 6 meters, the remarkable booth is made of high quality materials that include printing materials to complete the decor, sturdy wood construction, incredible lighting that supports the overall design as well as functionality throughout the exhibition which takes place from September 29th to October 3rd, 2010. This well designed custom build exhibition stands was also completed with stunning 10 cm carpet finishing. Apart from that, the booth was also equipped with flat screen TV, display, as well as table and seats for prospective customers.