Having a unique display stand in a store can attract customers’ attention. It can make customers come closer and find out more about your products. Then, when they learn more about your products, you have more possibility to sell your products. As a result, you can increase your sales.

Kansai Paint would like to have its own display stand in a Depo Bangunan (Building Materials Depo) in Bali. Workshop88 had the opportunity to build the booth inside the Depo itself. We have developed the concept since June 2017. Finally, in the late August, the booth construction was finished. The booth was made similar to the other Kansai booth in other Depo. It has a typical orange color for the whole concept of the booth as well as the graphic material.

If you want to have attractive stores display stand in Bali, you can consult your needs with us. With our experienced team, we have the ability to help you create interesting display stand. Hiring us, a contractor will save your time and energy. Some display stands are expensive because of their materials, size, and design quality. If you have difficulties with it, you can consult your budget with us so that we can adjust your or our display stand design with your needs.

For the case with Kansai Paint, the booth has similar looks in every Depo. Therefore, to develop the stand design, it doesn’t take long. Moreover, the unique thing about Kansai is because it is a paint company. So, colors play an important role. Here the orange color of course will catch people’s eyes. Besides, the Kansai label in the oval shape will make people aware that it is Kansai Paint’s booth.

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