Bali is a perfect spot for holiday. It is also a perfect place to conduct corporate events. At this island, companies and organizations can find venues and hotels easily for their events. In addition, having corporate events in Bali gives more advantages to the participants. They can enjoy business trip and vacation at the same time.

One of the many big events that were held in Bali is Coal Trans Asia. This event was held in BNDCC, Nusa Dua, Bali from 1st of June until 4th of June, 2014. This event was participated by many companies. MGM Coal is one of them. MGM stand looked very inviting and unique. This stand was created by Workshop88 as a trusted stand contractor Bali, an expert in creating stand, exhibition booth, and other event production projects.

MGM had a large stand at this event. Its size was 3m x 8m. It was simple but interesting. This stand was made of wood construction and decorated with ink jet printing materials. This stand was furnished with comfortable puffy furniture. MGM stand was dominated with blue backdrop and blue ottoman chairs.

The design of MGM stand is minimalist. However, it looked unique and cozy. This kind of booth can be your choice of booth design if you plan to have an exhibition or fair in the near future. It can make your stand looks more striking than other exhibition booths and stands. If you don’t like minimalist booth, you can choose other booth designs.

There are wide arrays of booth designs that you can choose. But, if you want to have an attention grabbing booth, you can choose a booth with pop-up display. This kind of display is different from 2D or printing display. The pop-up one looks more interesting and futuristic. To make this booth design more interesting, you need to choose attractive graphic on your display.