Advertising and marketing are two very difficult things to handle. Imagine if you, as a business owner, must handle both of those aspects for your business. The result as well as the impact on prospective customers may not be as great as if you decide to share the weight of the job with professionals. Companies, in this case, exhibitors, very often miscalculate their steps and feel tempted to handle all aspects related to their exhibitions on their own – not only is it cheaper than having to hire professionals, it somehow also makes them feel accomplished when they manage to do the job on their own. However, your exhibition is not a gamble. Your company, too, has a goal to reach. So, why not leave it to the experts while you handle other parts of your business?

Citraland Denpasar has been one of the most loyal customers of Workshop 88. As one of the leading and award winning exhibition companies in Bali, we offer a wide range of exhibition services, starting from planning the layout, designing the exhibition stands, and building a professional looking stand that’s guaranteed to attract customers. Citraland has been using our services for years, and below is a list of some of the services from Workshop 88 which the corporate has used over the years:

  • A 3x4 meter booth which was located in Beachwalk

This stand or booth was made using top quality materials with white melaminto finishing, which gave it a luxurious and modern look. This booth was also equipped with neon box, plantation, as well as plasma TV to support the company’s needs.

  • A 3x4 meter booth installed in Bali Galeria Mall

This booth was also built using the highest materials to ensure its durability. We made use of light box, wood working, and then completed it with maket-installment for better visual.