Huawei recently participated in an event called Innovation Summit. This exhibition was conducted in April, 2016 at Westin Hotel, Bali. This company hired Workshop88 to make its exhibition booth. The booth for this exhibition was quite large. The size was about 450 sqm. Huawei booth was very interesting that the visitors of the exhibition were interested to visit this booth.

The design of an exhibition booth plays important role in achieving successful exhibition in Bali. To get the right booth design, you need to contact the best Bali booth contractor. The best contractor will offer you with choices of booth designs that can meet your exhibition needs.

One of the designs you can choose is full-lights booth. All exhibition booth units require good lighting. But, this particular booth design has more sophisticated lighting design. This booth will not only have spotlight to make the display more pronounced. But, it also has interesting lighting installation that attracts visitors’ attention.

Another attractive booth design you can choose is pop-up display booth design. This design is eye-catching because this particular display looks very eye-catching. The pop-up display is usually in large size. That’s why it looks prominent and striking. Though its size is big, it won’t make your booth looks cramped. The pop-up display is designed in minimalist and modern design. In addition, it will be arranged properly so that your booth will look great and more spacious.

To attract visitors, you can also choose colorful booth design. Using attractive colors combination can make your booth more outstanding among other exhibition booths. Therefore, visitors will be interested to visit your booth. In choosing the colors combination for your booth, you must do it with consideration. Some of the things you need to consider are the color of your icon or label, the visitors’ age, and the theme of the exhibition.