GRESIK FAIR 2017 was held on March 16-18, 2017 at Gor Joko Samudro. It’s organized by the Government of Gresik in cooperation with Radar Gresik. Jazeerah Production held the event for 2 days and it was very enthusiastically welcomed by the Gresik citizens. Even this event was often ended after 10 pm. It is a very interesting event and there were a lot of participants from state-owned enterprises, SMEs, and government who took participation by making booths.

The booth owned by BRI was selected as the First Runner Up in this event. Although the demand for the production of this booth work was not more than 24 hours, this booth can still bring bring us a trophy home. We salute all the workers and team from Workshop88 involved who have brought home this trophy as a pride for the company.

Booth BRI became the best stand in Banking and BUMD (Local Government) category based on the polling survey during the exhibition where it is chosen the most by the visitors. The polling survey was taken by a third party.

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