Some construction material stores in Bali are dusty and uninteresting. The owners of these stores usually don’t pay much attention on their interior store design. They only focus on arranging their products carefully without thinking about the aesthetic value of the product displays. However, it is not so with Ariston owner.

Ariston Bali is one of the best construction material stores in this island. The owner of this store wants to make his store comfortable and interesting. An interesting and comfortable construction material store will surely make the customers enjoy their shopping activity. To have this kind of store, Ariston owner order booth displays for his stores.

Store booth displays help customers to find the products they need easily. In addition, they help store owners to display the products neatly and attractively. Therefore, customers can have better shopping experience.

We created abooth displayfor Ariston in April, 2015. The size of the display is 2.4 m x 3.6 m. As a booth contractor Bali, we understand that booth display for construction material stores need different specification than common stores. Therefore, we created it with special specifications to meet Ariston’s needs. This particular booth display is made of high quality materials. Some of the materials used in making the booth are plywood with sticker finishing doff, carpet, and neon box.

If you want to make your construction material stores look neat and more modern, you can give us a call. We will offer you booth displays that will suit your store needs well. We can create different booths in different size that can make your products look more interesting and customer friendly. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the booth display we deliver. We always deliver the best products for our customers, and most of our customers come back to order more.

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