Nowadays, since the business and economy is developing, many business owners in Indonesia are running to MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition) activities. MICE are tourism activity that carries out several groups with certain goals. MICE provide many benefits for corporations and organizations because it can be the best promotional media.
As we know, Bali is one of the many cities in Indonesia whichis very popular among Indonesian tourists as well as foreigners because of the beauty of the nature. That is why it becomes a major tourist destination. One important factor in an exhibition event is of course the booth. To participate in an exhibition, of coursea company needs a booth as their place to do promotions, show-off their products, do branding, etc. The following are some tricks to make your exhibition booth design attractive and eye-catching.

Tips To Make the Best Exhibition Booth from a Pro

The first tip is to pay attention to the lighting. One factor that plays an important role to make your booth outstanding is with good lighting. Make sure the lights being used are positioned to brighten the products that you will show as well as the name of your company or any branding media that you apply. Good lighting will make your booth look more eye-catching so visitors’ attention is dragged to your stand. If necessary, use LED lights which are brighter, more energy-efficient, and they will not make your eyes hurt. Normally, people use white lights, but you might want to usesome other colors like blue, yellow, green and others according to your theme.

The second tip is to provide an open space. To enable you to move around the booth, make sure you make a room for people to walk on your booth. This space also helps the visitors to look more closely at the products you display on the exhibition booth. Adjust the space to walk by your booth size.

Third, show your product and company names in the top corner of the booth where visitors can see easily. Professional exhibition booth contractor Bali can help you make a big symbol at the top or front of the booth to demonstrate to visitors the products that you want to appear on the show. It could be made of letters, digital printing, painting, etc. To make it attractive it can be in a form of pictures or motto. This way, people will be able to noticeyour booth from a distance.

The fourth one is to use the right colors for your booth or stand. The color should be in accordance with the products you want to promote or the color of your company logo. Do not use only one color so the view does not look dull. Use a combination of 2-3 colors according to your taste. Combine between neutrals and bright colors for maximum results.

Lastly, make a simple display booth design, but still elegant. Discuss which design is best with professional exhibition stand contractors Bali by showing some of the best reference designs.


Tips to Get the Best Reference for Display Exhibition Stand Bali

  1. You can get references about exhibition booth design through the internet. For example, look up some pictures oftrade show design Bali from the internet, select a design that matches with theme of your company, and give those references to your contractor so that they can make the booth as you wish.
  2. See an image example of from booth contractors Bali. Booth contractors or stand contractorsalways have several design options which you can use as references. Ask the contractor to choose the design that suits with your company’s needs.
  3. Ask your friends or colleagues who have experienced in joining exhibition or trade show. If possible, ask what kind of booth or stand they have made and used. Who knows they havemany references of booth designsthat can be shared with you. If you cannot get any design references, you can also find an information which stand builder or stand contractor they have hired for their events.


Those are a few tips and tricks which you can use as additional information. Extravagant booth design will attract many visitors to come to your stand, so you can promote your products to the visitors. Try to always use a design which is not old-fashioned each time youjoin MICE activities in various regions in Indonesia. Select the latest designs that are more creative and modern. If the exhibition activities are carried out in the same place, you can use the style of the old booth, but do a bit of renovation in order to make it look attractive.

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