Partnership in business world is very important. We can keep the partnership by having some regular dinner, discussion, and others. Those will make our partnership closer and wider. Sometimes even giant multinational companies regularly hold a special event for their suppliers or distributors (customers). This way, they can prolong their cooperation since their suppliers or distributors feel appreciated. In order to hold such event for your business partner, there must be a lot of things need to be handled. In terms of production or decoration for the stage, gate, and so on, you can leave it to a company like us, an event contractor.
There are a lot of services that we can give to you. We can arrange the place, resort, hotel, or restaurant that you use as the venue. Bali is not an exempt and has become one of the most chosen place to hold such event. Sometimes, even you can hold a meeting in the middle of the Bali’s beauty. Having a meeting in Bali’s resort, especially those that is close to the beach or in a hotel with a great view of Bali’s nature, could reduce the stress.

The Benefits of Hiring Event Contractors

Holding such a big event for your suppliers or customers might take a lot of time and energy. Of course you are not able to handle everything by yourself. Sometimes, you might not have the resources and knowledge on the technical things. Therefore, it is easier to just hire a professional who are experienced in handling events or MICE activities.

There are many benefits that you can get when you trust your event to a professional. Below is the list of some of those benefits that you can gain.

1. Full-services for your participants and you

When you invite your suppliers, especially if you come from a multinational company or a giant company, you might even have hundreds of suppliers or even thousands of distributors and customers. If you hire an event organizer to handle your event, they will think and take care of everything that the participants need, like the place (venue), the decoration, the stage, the talents and performers, the audio-visual equipment, the entertainment, the food, the system of the entry access, the souvenir, and many more.

2. Stand by all the time to serve you

First thing first, the preparation time you have might be limited. It must be troublesome to handle everything by yourself. You might need to handle something else that you have to do that is related to your internal affairs. By hiring a professional who will serve you with MICE services, it will be much easier, more effective, and more efficient. You just need to communicate every little detail of your event to them, and they will arrange everything for you based on what you need.

3. Event contractor with full-services

Sometimes you might not want to hire an event organizer because you feel that your event marketing team has a strong basis to run the event by themselves. So, you might want to go straight to the event contractor to build the gate, stage, etc. for you. In this case, Workshop 88 is one of those MICE contractors who can help you full-service. Not only we are able to build the stage, gate, photobooth, and so on for you, we also provide rents for furnitures, audio-visual equipment, as well as sound and lighting.

4. Local partner with international sense

If you hire a professional MICE contractor, although the company might be a local partner, they can hold the business meeting or the other company events in international standard. With high quality materials combined with high-skilled workers, they can fulfill your needs by delivering the best result for your booth or stand. With the advanced technology, tools like laser technique, electric driller, and so on, they are able to do their jobs quickly. The workers might be locally from Indonesia, but their service is international standard. So the visitors will get the sense of an international event.

So, let us help you planning your next event. For futher information you can look at our website and contact us.

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