What is the first that comes into your mind when you hear “Bali”? Majority of you will most likely mention about the fact that this island is one of the hottest tourism destinations in Indonesia. Dubbed as one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Island of the Gods is nothing short of crowded. With tourists, both foreign and domestic, flocking all over the place – Bali is undeniably not only good for sightseeing, but also good for business. This is the primary reason why events after events are being held in Bali to boost businesses’ marketing efforts – from promotional events, conventions, product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, and many more.

With so many events being held in Bali, a brand must put a lot of thought in order to make their event stand out – and what better way to attract prospective customers than an elaborate and remarkable exhibition booth? Take the latest exhibition held by Bagus Group, the Indonesian owned brand which provides a huge range of products ranging from home care such as camphor to personal care such as sanitary napkins, who successfully stole everyone’s attention with its exhibition booth ideas as well as its booth design ideas. With the help from professional exhibition contractor Bali (Workshop 88), the corporate giant launched its exhibition with a booth that was not only visually appealing, but also incredible in a way that majority of passersby have never seen before.

The overall display and concept of its exhibition stall was as incredible as it was meticulous – with various display racks and display stands strategically placed all over the booth to show off all of its products, Bagus Group did not only successfully attract crowd in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, with the help from Workshop 88, it also successfully ran its marketing strategies.

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