It is indeed to important to have a unique stand or booth for an exhibitor to attract customers’ attention. However, when you are pressed with limited budget, you might get a headache on how to make your booth still look attractive for customers without losing its aethestic art. Do not be worried when you are faced with such situation. There is a solution where you can just have a simple exhibition booth, but still look catchy for people to see.

One of the examples is the BliBli booth that we helped with. They just want a simple booth for BCA Bali Run 2017. With only a simple backdrop that is designed with graphic design of BliBli branding as well as blue carpet, the booth has already represented BliBli in the simplest way possible. Then, there are 3 shelves where they can display something, like products or merchandise.

Using a backdrop indeed saves a lot of money. However, of course we cannot do a lot of things with it. We can only play with the graphic design and spotlights to make it look interesting. It saves a lot of time and energy as well since the production does not need a lot of time as well.

As a stand contractor, no matter how small is the project, we still need to put our full effort to make it a success. Even if we have always handled big projects with more complicated stand design, even if that means we are more than able to do small projects, we will not underestimate every job that is given to us.

To have interesting display stand, you should have eye-catching backdrop with bold image. This image must have strong relation with your products. In addition, the stand display backdrop should have the right color. Having a combination of similar colors with your product or brand color will be your best option.

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