In this era, people have become more advanced and busier. No wonder third-party services and agencies play an important role nowadays. It is because they provide services which are needed for their clients to help them with their jobs. This includes event construction and backdrop construction whenever companies hold a meeting or conference.

The professional crew of the event contractor will be needed to choose the best backdrop design or stage design as well as building it. There will be a back-and-forth discussion for the design, and once it is decided and everything is fixed, the contractor will handle all the event production and construction. Of course, you will also need an event support services from the sound system, lighting, and talents or manpower, the rundown, and so on.

One of the backdrop constructions that we did was for IDASS Bali 2018 which was used for a meeting and conference in Renaisance Uluwatu Hotel, Bali. The event was held on July 7, 2018. Our company, Workshop 88 is specialized in event and exhibition construction where we always deliver great result due to our high quality product and services.

If you see in our website, other than providing services for exhibition booth production or trade show booth construction, we also provide some local support / hospitality services. In this case, we help you with some supports with the lighting, sound system, photo & video documentation, as well as the dancer, singer, MC, and all talents on stage.. Thus, here we act not only as an trade show or exhibition contractor Bali, but we also provide MICE services.

What has been mentioned above are other program of this services that we provide apart from the exhibition services. Some of our clients might hire us as a stand contractor only, but some of them might require “more” services. As our company starts from being an event organizer and since we have been experienced in delivering these services, we are able to help you arrange your event as needed.

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