Running a business is not an easy task. There are so many important things that must be taken care of – from the internal matter such as accounting, to external matter such as advertising. All of those things are interconnected and they are just as important as the others. However, determining which one is more effective in helping a brand grow can be extremely complicated. Take advertising, for instance. There are so many types of advertising strategies available in the industry. Knowing which one that gives better contribution to the brand’s marketing efforts does not only help the growth of said brand, but also make everything it does more time-efficient and cost-efficient. Abbot Singapore as one of the biggest medical optics in Southeast Asia have an image to uphold, thus when considering to broaden its horizon to the neighboring countries, the brand obviously did not want to tinker around and went straight to the experts.

Workshop 88, as one of the best event organizer company in Bali which offers a wide range of valuable services such as exhibition services Bali and custom trade show displays Bali, knows how important a good advertising is. The company, taking into consideration of the needs and goals of its client, builds an advertising plan which may help its clients marketing strategies – banner and billboard advertising. Abbott Medical Optics’ billboards could be seen installed close to the Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali. With simple yet stunning design, the billboard could adequately deliver a clear advertising message on AMO’s own lasik surgery which is widely known as iLasik. Other than designing a proper and perfect billboard for the client, Workshop 88 also makes sure that the placement of said billboard is strategically placed in all the right locations to help its clients reach its marketing targets.

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