MICE are usually carried out in major cities in Indonesia such as Surabaya, Samarinda, Padang, Malang, Bali and others. Bali is one of the most excellent placesfor MICE activities because there are many hotels which could be the place to do exhibitions. It is because Bali is one of the best tour destinations in Indonesia. As we know, Bali also has unique culture and beautiful nature that make anyone want to go Bali.
Trade show is one of the many types of exhibition.It is usually undertaken by some groups, organizations, or companies for several purposes, one of which is for promotion. One of the most important things that need to be paid attention of is the booth. This is because the boothis the place to showcase your products to make it more presentable and attractive. To create an attractive trade show design, then you should consider a few things. The following are 5 classic must haves on trade show activities, especially in making interesting booth display ideas.

5 Classic Must Haves for Trade Show Activities

  1. The first classic is to create an attractive exhibition booth design. Unique design willattract visitors. Try to look up from many references about goodbooth design. You can also ask opinions to Bali exhibition booth contractorto choose an excellent design which is in accordance with the character of your company. Use colors that match the theme of your exhibition and your company’s identity or products, so it looks You can mix up to 3 colors that match. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the lighting factor. Make sure you have adequate lighting, so that the productsdisplayed at yout booth can be seen clearly. If necessary, use LED lights. LED lighting has many advantages, where it not only gives a very bright light, but it also doesn’t generate heat and is free of ultra violet light.
  2. Second, make the exhibition booth easily seen. Often in a trade show, there are many exhibitors setting up stands so the remaining space becomes limited. Then, when the visitors come, it becomes so crowded. In orderthat visitors can see your booth clearlyor in order that the visitors can see your booth from afar, then a good booth design will be the key to make your booth stand-out from other booths. Make sure your booth is high enough so visitors can see it from the distance. But, remember that the booth should not overpower the purpose of your exhibition and the products you want to display. Make it simple, but still look elegant.
  3. The third is to show interesting products at the front of booth. Create a space in the booth where you can show off your best products. The goal is for visitorsto get a glimpse of what you offer or sell, then they will feel curious and interested to come to the booth to see the product details. You can also attract visitors by giving a demonstration of how to use or how to make the product, offering discount prices, and so forth.
  4. The fourth is to give good service and hospitality. When there are visitors who are interested to come to your booth, excellent service will make their days. Along your conversation with them, you can also explain the detail of your products and the advantages of each product. After all, your explanation will make it easy for those who want to buy or order your Keep them curious of your product, so they stay at your stand as long as they can.
  5. Last but not east, ease the visitors to get into the booth to see the products up close. In the trade show, you always display several products. However, sometimes some productsmight have a small size, so it is not clear when we see it from afar. Thus, create a space to allow visitors to walk around the booth to see these products for more details.


Tips When Joining a Trade Show

There are two things you should consider if you are planning to join a trade show. The first is to see the condition of the exhibition venue. The place of the exhibition greatly affects the outcome of your trade show. Make sure it is held in a place with good services, where you can get a lot of amenities. You should also remember that the place also affects the number of visitors who can come.

The second one is to choose a professional booth contractor Bali. One of the tools you have to prepare is the booth. For you to be able to create an attractive booth design, you should use an exhibition contractor or an event contractor who is experienced.

That is some information about 5 classic must haves on trade show activities, especially in making display booth design and tips for joining MICE. The benefits of joining exhibition or other types of MICE are that you can promote the products in different locations, get a lot of customers, meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs, widen your network, and improve your products and services based on customers’ needs.

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