As we know, MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition) activities has been widely held in Indonesia. This activity is usually performed in Bali because Bali is one of the best places for exhibitions.

If you go to Bali, you can easily find fine dining restaurants because there are hundreds which are spread across Bali. There are many fine dining restaurants Bali that you can choose with their respective advantages. This time, we are going to give you some references of restaurants which are not only a place to eat, but also a place to gather with family, friends or colleagues. Even some restaurants in Bali are used for exhibitions.

In addition to the menu, one of the things that affect the quality of the restaurant that people want to experience is the design or the ambiance. The more unique the view of the restaurant, consumers are increasingly more interested to come to the restaurant. The following are 4 best dining restaurants which has a very attractive appearance which you can visit.


5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Bali

1. Wantilan Agung in Hotel Tugu Bali

The design of the restaurant is made very romantic. What makes it unique is that this restaurant uses traditional Balinese design. You can enjoy a very beautiful sunset in the afternoon and the beauty of the moon at night. This restaurant could be the best place to gather with family, friends or colleagues.

2. Rock Bar Bali, Ayana resort

This restaurant has a special place because it is close to the beach. You can enjoy a variety of very delicious restaurant menu while enjoying the scenic beauty of the sea.
If you arrive late in the evening, then you can see clearly the beautiful sunset in this restaurant. To get to this special place, you have to pass a bridge, because this place is above the coral on the beach. There is a lot of menu meal at this place, the price starts from Rp 50.000- RP 495,000.

3. Yuyake Teppanyaki Restaurant

This restaurant is at Legian Beach Hotel with a typical Japanese food and seafood menu. This restaurant is in a high place. The reason visitors love to visit this restaurant is because it has a very romantic atmosphere. It is very quiet and pleasant, yet it has simple design.

4. Hitana Restaurant

This is a restaurant that uses the ocean and beach theme and ambiance. Each wall is made of glass, so visitors can enjoy their menu while looking at the very beautiful beach view. The price of food in this place is also very reasonable, starting from Rp 79.000- RP 149.000.

5. Potato Head

This restaurant is located in Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali. If you are an Event Organizer (EO), and you want to do a meeting with exhibition booth contractor Bali, you can make this restaurant as the best place for your meetings. Here, you can enjoy a very beautiful sunset views while enjoying a special meal menu.

Tips on choosing a restaurant for an important meeting

Although there are many restaurants in Bali, there are some things you should consider for getting the best restaurant. The first one is to note the quality of the restaurant. A high quality restaurant is a restaurant that provides good service, has a delicious menu, and has pleasant atmosphere. Second, make sure the restaurant is located in a strategic area. There are some restaurants which are hard to reach because the location is far from the city center. You can use restaurants that are located around the center of the town or those who are in sights. But of course, choose according to your taste and needs.

Those are some information about 5 best fine dining restaurant which you can choose as destination. Those restaurants might not be the best restaurant, but they offer extraordinary ambiance and good service, which can be additional points for tourists.

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